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In the final stages, the hones may he cut with a knife, and a time

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of the visits he has to pay during the day, the physician is able to apportion

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quence of the injury. Ascending infection through the medium of the

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easily, and he therefore has given them up. After some years of

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standing — both cured by inhalation of a dilut. chlorine vapor.

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-physical efforts ; for there is scarce enough nervous force in him to move

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Suppuration may occur ; sometimes a superficial subcutaneous

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under unfavourable circumstances, be complicated by death of the skin,

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tion and give off' a characteristic and extremely foetid odour. The

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irritate the kidney, and by giving mucilaginous drinks with anodynes.

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ing to perfect a sewing machine for wounds, but, in spite of the

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(c) Sensitiveness in the region of the ribs is but feebly marked, or is

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He was, you are aware, the collaborator of Bongery in the preparation of

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answers were not only false in substance, but out of time with the ques-

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(2.) The second method consists in removing the invaginated portion

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so ithat they will see clearly that only one who has a knowl-

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malady. These infected places have remained wonderfully constant, but

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gas ; consequently, the water loses its power of holding the

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test against its heaven- defying use. Experience, however, has proved that

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to an altitude of about 8,000 feet. Its preferred habitat is for the most

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ceptibility in animals otherwise well cared for, but it is quite certain

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collected the blood of the hepatic vein, and what was my surprise at

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situated above the reticulum and conical right portion of the rumen ;

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;}. /•'-»-(/. Inasmuch as the patienl is usually attacked in the

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