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We do not take seriously the reputed fright of the average

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fed ; a knowledge of the general means of preventing disease can

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cases a pneumococcic nephritis developed, yielding promptly to appropri-

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especially if for any reason it is desired to produce only a partial

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roo^ to the edge of the field where they will di^ ouScan i^

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to business as a whole, should be rendered impossible. It is

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vaginal Cesarian section, according to the indications.

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in a fredi *tate, but it may be aubjeeted to certain pioceaaea, which

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rhage into the abdominal cavity above the abscess wall

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cases are psychological problems. Fear and fright, as is well known, are

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ating wound in the conjunctiva in the upper, outer quadrant

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D. Selby, Toledo; Councilors, C. N. Smith, Toledo, and J. E. Syl-

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It seemed to make little difference to him whether or not

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16mm film combines candid patient interviews with discussions by Drs.

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appointing. With increasing age the condition may gradually disappear.

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that oat »m"t may be prevented without injuring the germinating

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Tbo Paailly Haniid and WaaUy Star caata bat oaa dallar

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I told the nurse we had resurrected something, but not until

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inguinal canal. In fact, some (Moschcowitz, for example) claim

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The statute of Ohio contemplates a waiver of this privilege

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of the state; because of epidemics schools have been closed at Notting-

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To be filled in by a district or other physician for cases which

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above the poverty line, and $213 for a poor person ac-

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has taken a wise and necessary step in inviting the nations and the States

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sion, when hit hard enough in a tender enough spot, is capable

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Ohio State Medical Journal. June 1912, p. 324, where the statement ap-

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of a divided artery progressively decreases. This indicates

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Dover's powder, when the mild hypnotics are of no avail, mav be used.

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material make necessary that we curtail the number of Case Reports. For the time being only those already accepted

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of malignant diseases. There have been a number of cases

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one test of genius and of real greatness of mind, whether a man

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— About one third of the patients with mononucleosis do

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proven it to be of little value and nothing can be said in favor of

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physicians. In so far as one can judge from such "literature"

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constitution, bylaws, and amendments shall not be in

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dilated or dilatable, so as to be able to do a rapid delivery.


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