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body are forced to move, the beating of the heart becomes so tumultuous

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lung. Such intervention has no practical interest in veterinary surgery.

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in pleurisy. The heart was pressed to the right side, but chat, with the

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play, even with Ms occasional mysterious inexplicable mani.

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compressed except under general compression. The brain

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we experience more difficulty in using conservative methods,

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both indigestible and heavy (gravel and sand), and may fall into the

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The eyesight is almost always affected, but the symptoms may vary

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strength of the pulse was increased, in atonic cases, under the use of this

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rally, however, helminthiasis more particularly affects young animals

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wonted confidence ever since, and thousands, who held it to be mere

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tended or required. In truth, nobody can know what the quantity in-

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and specified in its character, far-spread and migratory, affecting alike

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bacillus. Since that time no cases have appeared either in the

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with camphorated alcohol or essence of turpentine, complete this original

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and comparing her experience and discoveries of three thousand years

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is externally indicated by signs of chronic metritis accompanied by

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of the cerebro-spinal centres and general blood stasis.

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spinal cord. The referred pain, therefore, would lie in the


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