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The papers of Dr. Budd in relation to contagious diseases are

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resulted in the removal of masses of caseous pns from

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the phenomena of lactic and butyric fermentation which are manifested in

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by the name of Colles no fracture is more frequent and

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cians. A travelling man for a wholesale drug house informed

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About tlie same time was published Animal Physiology which in

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tory operation and fhrther that such exploration was

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the division of menstrual retention into surgical and medical

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and travel and traffic protected against needless inter

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as during a shower. The moist surface thus produced

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of the evacuation of the bowels and it must not be considered pathological

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whole round of medical science and practice came to be skilfully jar

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bodily pain. Bui such is not tie correct way of considering the

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After waiting two months Jenner inoculated him with vari

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stratum is excited or discharged strongly and widely. After actually

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Treatment. The preventive treatment Seeing that the dis

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Before proceeding any farther we wish to emphasize that the R

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moon as it undoubtedly does frequently happen that the

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He must have met with cases with no descending mesocolon.

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acterize all the modalities utilized in the care of their patients.

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practical value to the reader as well as a good index to the

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In dysenteric diarrhoea the extremes were from eight to

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with leucocytes extending into and occluding the central gelati

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In view of the fact that Daniels Button Annett and others state

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the injection of. to cc. saved three out of four animals inoculated

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lun. You consequently can have a secondary tul gt er

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interesting in connection with the investigations of h.

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shrink and shiver at the thought of winter long liefore

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seasons of the year when ordinary dysentery is seldom met with.

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day and the disease has broken out in the military camp

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at the primary operation or dressing is greatly re

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decided to secure a permanent home and three blocks of land

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pound dislocations of the leg or amputation of leg arm foot or

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The microscopic examination of the cord showed increase of the

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scapular regions. Dr. Judson Bury records peripheral neuritis as a rare

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up for eight hours. Trismus and tetanic spasm remained for eight hours

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and we learn that Dr. Ferran a Spanish physician has practiced

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ber the object of the committee being to secure the


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