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throughout the zone of dulness, and reveals the presence of a soft

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to exploratory operation may be great or trivial. In the brain

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tremities, and I strongly suspected that they were produced by mechani-

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somewhat the appearance of small loops of intestine. Nevertheless

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minous nucleus and a narrow border, and contains a non-granular

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This condition may last some hours, and always ends with the animal's

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occasions she pulled the inner tube out of its place ; but during this

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tinues for months, or even for years. The development of these

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Fever" "Black Tongue," etc.; the latter being a popular and most

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him. The Hydropath put him in a wet sheet, ordered him to drink

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cythsemia " (Bennett). In the same way it has been shown that the

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passage of the food over these lesions may be so violent that the ingesta

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having the neck made prominent by a pillow under it, the intgeuments were

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minister anaesthetics, I availed myself of the services of Dr. J. B. Brown, now

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silk firmly stretched and tied. The ordinary tin cover may be placed

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and the application of stimulants, not only cause them to swell and

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sensible by continued pressure, grows up to an amount sufficient to move

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the outer and convex part of which is covered with porous cloth, the

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limbs excessive ; skin florid, hot; pulse 100, soft. From ancle to middle

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muscle is concerned. Unfortunately this is possible in as yet only

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tion by cold hydriatic procedures the action of the hearl was

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the adult they may still be traced as annexes of these latter vessels.

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None of these general symptoms are in themselves significant, and

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flank, at the same time descending in front from the base of the


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