Revia Jasny Brąz

be given in pill or coarser powder, they will be much more liable .to be
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to clog, to stupify, to nauseate, than to stimulace.
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by special representatives from the Marine Hospital service.
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the former regularly by the catheter, and the latter by enemata. She
revia jasny brąz
Treatment. There is very little chance of recovery, no matter what
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may tear the mesentery, the intestines, etc. At an advanced stage
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and in nine cases out of ten never think to lift it before the spiritual
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doses, acetate of ammonia in doses of 1 to 2 drachms, salicylate of
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a symptom, which may accompany very varying conditions, such as
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Cold also acts directly under certain conditions, as do large doses of
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recover as usual," showing that death occurred unexpectedly in what was
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upon, its circulation is interfered with and its ducts disturbed. The
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cine, for many years, .-it the Louisville Medical Colli
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disease which in animals of the bovine species is characterised by
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cous. Bowels were confined, but easily acted upon. Urine scanty, and
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The same elegant author, in his essay " On the Blending and Conver-
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until an operation was produced, or until one fourth or one half a
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This theory though based on sufficiently solid foundations to carry
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