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death, by involving the corresponding lymphatic glands, and becoming

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bases, which expands the tissue and attracts the nutritious materials

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public services ; but a physiological problem of so much practical im^*


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before reducing the prolapsus ; then to reduce it, and remove from the

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cases a copj will be furnished, with tke cArner's tr&me wriftea therein.

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convicts employed in the interior suffered from any violent disease, attd

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ness, only, of the eye remaining when exposed to bright light. The

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more remarkable, in some respects, than any I have before observed.

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We then have to consider what range of places is open for choice, and to

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tro-Magnet ; and, lastly, the method of increasing, to a great degree,

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case, when the hypertrophy remains limited to the original scar, without

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The more benign forms of syphilis are seen in those leading healthy

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found in the stomach and to a lesser extent in the duodenum. When

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80,000 Russians who marched into Circassia, a few only have returned^

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insignificant ; in such cases death may occur in from six to twenty-four

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be could mark and follow passing objects, especially on cloudy days and

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point of the tongue ; and, finally, at a restricted point of the velum

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To the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

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Thb subs<M'iber proposes to take a few medical students, and to eonneet a mnall ecbool with ^ia

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mechanical stimulation, are usually present in this disease, and will serve to

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remain clear throughout even a long and fatal case, more often there is

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author has brought together into a portable form, it is denominated the

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edges. The white hair of the older workmen is usually coloured green. As

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Many observers have described various micro-organisms which they have

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numbers of the preceding month, stitched In a cover. J. V. C. SMtTH, M.D. Bdftor — ^Prlee •3,<IO a.

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my of Science for the year 1719. Sage has given a description of that

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occurred in one case in 10 of phthisis, and in one case in 4 of other dis-

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Dr. Hooter, recently tried for high Creasoa at Toronto, has been aeqait-

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lightning pains. He may consider them rheumatism or sciatica ; or, even

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, Thompson, Timothy Wellington, Zadoc Howe, William J. Walker, John

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but they increase in size with age. The teeth are lodged in distinct sockets, and

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The ravages of smallpox were never before more vividly illustrated

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