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Differentiate rheumatic arthritis and joint tuberculosis. Differ

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syphilis coincidently with the secondary eruption. Its symptomatic char

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terest in reference to the theory of Dr. Kellie that the

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tensible tissue which can be well spared to supply a

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tremities marked passive hyperemia and beginning atrophic

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Dr. HaDe s HssmoBtat or tampon for certain cases of uterine

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practice of his profession. As early as the nails became affected

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true secretory fibres although as in the cases of most other secre

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ancient times used to make powder of them to furrow

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the examiners are the Professor of Anatomy and two examiners

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county of the State. Statistics from the annual report of Director Parsons

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At the same time their ordinary diet serves only to aggravate the

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progress of this case and if these are attended to I am inclined

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mental activity. Effect of intense heat poor nourishment and

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as the cutis and to exhaust itself on that tissue and hence the

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vinegar with a handful of salt poured on them. Boil up the

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incision intestines distended with foetid gas spleen softened gorged with

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congested softened and friable darker than normal and often the seat

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pensable I do not claim. They are no longer used in

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it was not only easily accessible but even visible at the abdomi

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signs and improvements in this line as well as some very

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But the Congress is composed entirely of special societies in

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and vomiting speedily followed by cramps and progressive exhaustion.

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moment at which the system feels the brunt of the infection and

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the horses it is no use sending remounts to the seat of

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System a thriving physician multispecialty clinic and

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When erysipelatous inflammation is spreading like a conflaj ration

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are rest support hj food and stimulants and alleviation of nervous

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ed with a hernia knife from one broad ligament to the other.

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as I am aware other writers have contributed to medical literature

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inflammatory process had subsided an incision should

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of the farm. It will in many cases not merely reduce


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