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formed by the perforatus, the perforans tendon, however, was partially
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step is most clearly defined by excellent full-page
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ease is so difficult to discover; for in the more important, and especially
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either trifling or very large insufficiencies, and rough strong murmurs
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suffering from endocarditis. On auscultation I certainly detected
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was injected into the peritoneum of two other guinea-pigs. The four
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ance, were explained by the seat of the lesion : the cardia remained
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established by the subsequent symptoms. The pneumonia ended in
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hemorrhagic centres. The hepatic cells show fatty degeneration.
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its existence is never more than conjectured until the blood can no
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connection of a name so justly distinguished in the advance of medical
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with the disease in the coats of the artery, it seems not unlikely that
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but the present Board of Curators consisted of seven members, four of
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symptoms appeared. Between the morning and evening of the
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qu'il faut creer des secours dans lequartier mcme oil sevit I'epidemie."
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ably thickened, and no spicula or other adequate source of irritation
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of humanity against the horrors of war", as Esmarch phrases it, has yet
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character, of such long standing, comporting with such health, so easily
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abscess formed over it afterwards ; a slight rigor occurred, fol-
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One at least of the most important elements in the successful treat-
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known to have been inmates of conventual or monastic institutions ;
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so full in detail, it agrees in the main, and particularly
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face and neck, which in a Bhorl ii ate the flesh to the bones. My sufferings wore
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reception at Newcastle, is to recognise the splendid and growing
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the point just indicated, an incision about one inch and a quarter to


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