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Practically speaking, Soxhlet's method is the only safe one for the practitioner;
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action of kidneys rather free. lie did not, however, advise the operation of
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as to resist other treatment. I should expect the very
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produced by certain causes of irritation, and even by mental feel-
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iSystem; for it does not take place, unless as a mere coincidence,
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plexus which lies between the layers of the muscular
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The patient stated that the emption on his face had ex-
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oxid varied in Period 1 from 0.256 gm. to 0.149 gm. (Period 3), or
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surface of the back part of the right lobe of the liver; it was hemi-
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tion for its other effects. Acute pleurisy surprises one commonly
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prolonged, and the greatest caution is necessary in watching persons so
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there are certain places in which the pain is felt — at the points of
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the eyeball. All the symptoms of intra-ocular pressure are present,
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dusted with powdered slippery elm or smeared with vase-
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style. The subject-matter, however, is excellent, evidently based on
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et Necrosi), Thomson on Inflammation, Craigie, and How-
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since a definite hemianopic field was charted by Woods in Cape Town in
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evacuations of the child would soil. In fifteen minutes, with the aid of
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same shop. After the inquest on the boy Barker she also wrote
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popular readers biological facts, influenced, no doubt, the author in his
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be made for them by private charity, and if the form of
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Edinbukgh Medico - Chirurgical Society. — Julij 3, 1901. —
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wood. Cloth, $4 25 ; leather, $6 00. {Lately Issued.)
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The hemorrhagic character of the dysenteric discharges, does not,
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dogmatic assertion is comfortable for the student, it is not quite so just for
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following causes, may perhaps, in a measure, explain
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Treatment. — Rest is an important item of treatment. Digitalis act?
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flowing of the tides in all parts of the world, and the changes of weather


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