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at the present time, and knowing of no one having written

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by congestion of the pituitary mucous membrane, which soon begins to

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suppurating arthritis. Animals are rarely kept long enough to become

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This condition seems due to an insufficiency of hydrochloric acid,

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be done with strict aseptic precautions, the fluids used being cooled

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is feverish, loses appetite, and commences to waste. After five to ten

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tions of general Anatomy, having only within a few days commenced

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stances ingested to be at once rejected. These violent efforts, however,

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Diagnosis. Diagnosis is impossible without recourse to microscopic

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all cases and in all his patients ; but what appears to him debatable

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all hope of recovery, certain cases of pseudo-pericarditis appear amenable

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nor are the blood corpuscles of the same size in the mother and her

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or functual derangements of local organs. This is nothing else than

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with attacks closely simulating renal colic. Urinary findings

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symmetrical hypertrophy of all the lymphatic glands ; the spleen is

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marks, which might more clearly show that the theca was the part in-

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