Naltrexone Injection For Opiate Addiction

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seum of " the Flint Scientific Institute," — a society formed in the be-
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necticut in 1871 as being poisonous to horses. Cases are very rare, and
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strange device,' Young Physic. But, my dear sir, we must compromise
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otherwise it would be a convenient medicine, as anybody, in case of
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cation of a sugar-producing function in the organism in a physiological
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munities would enlist their active interest in seeing that the work
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the terrible suffering during the process, and to guard against in-
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nutrition. There are, therefore, two apparently correlative phenomena
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wall of the dilated cervix uteri when the examiner stands behind the
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vesicles with comparatively little loss of blood. Exploration
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symptoms is preceded by an incubation period of one or two months.
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rapidly attacked, and the irritation produced at once checks their growth
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organisms in the mass, which affords a medium favourable to their
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unless informed by others, that he has submitted to an indignity, or by
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vaginaUs testis being divided. Short clams are appHed to the
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peculiar character of the soft swelling, which is easily compressible.
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the disease is known as " stallroth " (stable-red).
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scarcely be detected, the temperature ranging between 38° and 39° C.
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The respiration sometimes appears accelerated and difficult, but roaring


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