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The third case was more aggravated than the first. The patient was

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infected sponge, which should be passed over the whole surface of

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descend as far as the sternum (Fig. 173), and that it is not possible to

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coated with mucous, but what we think would be called pulpy. Intes-

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the division of the laryngeal nerves in dogs and cats ; for in these experi-

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intravenous injection of physiological salt solution is indicated.

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It is reported to be the most troublesome plant to stock in Wyoming, the

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sented be correct, it is almost impossible to avoid giving assent to the

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that the treatment directed to my cases was the same used for

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within the uterus are absorbed by the uterine mucous membrane, causing

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This treatment, however, should be supplemented by general

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Report of t lie Committee on Medical Education. 361

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and a half deep, and about fifteen feet square, and was supplied by a

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Experience and analogy both seem to indicate that young animals

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already performed, and the achievements accomplished, as evinced in the

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cachexia. The animals are unable to rise, the complications insepar-

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for the hotel, who after having satisfied his curiosity as to the contents of


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