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well as volition, have control over muscular power.
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tion is coagulation of the milk within the udder by decomposition of
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"Between these gripes and the above-mentioned dysentery, which
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and contingencies to which a mt ucal man is peculiarly exposed, sometimes
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at any time in the year, but, on account of the fact that spring-time is
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appearance of the disease in some other part, generally upon the surface
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of haemorrhage within the udder itself. When the milk is of a haemor-
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character of the urine should suggest doubts and lead to rectal exami-
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into fibrous masses or a material resembling spleen pulp.
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land where there is wealth and legal protection for them, where toil and
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pneumonia, and causes a mortahty of 100 per cent, of those affected
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and is accompanied not infrequently by cellulitis and abscess forma-
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died: — Dr. Henry Tooley, aged about 75 years; Dr. Andrew M ; Crearj-,
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which are confined to stables ^Yith rough floors and pro^ided with
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of the putrescent matter, arising from its decay, may take place. In
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for any particular constituent of double or triple stains.
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In May. 1904, there appeared in the Louisville Times, under
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tive, rigid, and incapable of free movement. As a result the patients
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to be infected should not be allowed to cover healthy cows. They
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the use of anaesthetics for a definite object, under certain circumstances.
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winter feeding and a stinted supply of water. Nowadays this would not
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and credulous into every species of ridiculous extravagance. Such is the


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