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it inflicts great ravages in the Creuze, the Correze, Haut-Vienne,
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Dr. Louis Contri, Milton, K\ . at his home November -'.
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of the local lesion. The thigh at the stifle is painful.
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otherwise, or accompanied by abnormal sounds, like mucous rales, or
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a fit from its beginning to its close. It was very interesting. The tube
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the place previously free from this form of disease becomes specially
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blood, in which the parasites may be found in very small numbers in
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muscles, through the medium of the vaso-motor supply. The results are
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to air. The pericardium appeared healthy, except some abnormal ad-
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case of all acute affections. It may, indeed, be impossible to reach
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which it existed in greater abundance, or in which the crystals were larger.
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death supervenes rapidly, it is usual to find that the small intestines
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year-. 11 para. Youngest child, eight year-. Two miscar-
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ment of one organ does not always cause a suppression of all the, suc-
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perature, the result was the most intense and diffuse bronchitis, which
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has been characterized by symptoms Btrikingly analogous to the
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lacunae, and are always polychromatophile, i.e., without special affinity
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of escaping through the urethra, passes along the urachus, and the
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cause of the accident. Animals might recover, but economically there
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now we wai and Napoleonic t of operations. Let us have
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Fig. 188. — The same goat as shown m Fig. 187. Position assumed after exhaustive


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