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In the grave form following experimental infection the temperature
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shall be sent, to discourage druggists and apothecaries from vending quack or
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operation practised immediately above the maxillary tuberosity and over
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eversion of the uterus, the base of the bladder becoming invaginated in
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Dr. B. F. Underwood, of Georgetown, and recently interne
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Irene favorable to its spread. It took this direction in a degree inde-
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this stage many cases begin to improve and may get well in five or six
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tumor ; and notwithstanding anti-flogistic treatment, the most absolute,
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his chapter on the modifications of " Common Continued Fever," makes
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by a suture passed through the neighbouring tissues.
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chemical ; in addition to which must be reckoned the phenomena of
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cases, however, the convalescents remain thin and sickly, exhibit pain
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would seem to be a serious, if not fatal objection to the existence of la-
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Case 2. Complicated by Parotiditis. Mr-. S., age 49 ■-
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Second stage. Separation with a blunt director of the muscles
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ing the terminal portion of the oesophagus. Furthermore, they stimulate
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when the animal has become weak, micro-organisms are present in
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and no hint or insinuation should be thrown out, which could impair the con-
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becomes more and more debilitated and exhausted, and death may be
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indications are too intricate and difficult for a thorough discussion
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are nevertheless brought forward with the hope that they may contribute
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lung. Such intervention has no practical interest in veterinary surgery.
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creta and j gr. Gum camphor every three hours with tepid drinks.


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