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be enormously enlarged, and the various accidents which result are
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that country. She says : " Among the salaried offices, the most labori-
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nine typhus always originates from contagion, how can the present
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nation, he discovered a polypus, of the size of an apple, attached by a
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fined and exquisite metaphysics of Dr. Gregory, do, in curing the mal-
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perly so called becomes the seat of marked lardaceous thickening, due
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istration. Strychnia is sometimes 'useful when the first sound
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Massage and cold water applications should be employed at first, to
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by vomiting and diarrhoea. The pulse increases in frequency, being
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an anastomosis between the ileum and the transverse colon by
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and by their tusks sometimes inflict severe wounds.
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all. This may be due to selfishness or indolence, or indifference.
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by mail free of postage to any one ordering it. Prices fifty cents to one dollar,
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cannot stand, lift a glass to his lips, or articulate his words. Motions
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plied with whiskey and punch. No amendment visible. Chloroform
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The injection, which should be given slowly, is followed by a fit of
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for a period of fully 20 days, during which time she had no
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I am constrained to mention one other circumstance in the history of
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"As a croup, they are especially characterised by a proneness to de-
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The umbilical arteries and vein consist of two parts — the extra-foetal
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method, if such it be, is an evolution resulting from many sad
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are regarded usually as being the most unhealthy, but this, as a general
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t" stand m a fault} posture, with slightly rounded shoulders,
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whether we regard the blood as contributing to one or more of these
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