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fever of 1848. Some of the cases took on the appearance of brain fever

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coronet, lameness is present. Intense lameness, swelling of the coronet,

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Dr. John Goodman, of Louisville, returned after a three

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Why does a lawyer demand a retained fee in advance, while

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In the ordinary forms inflammation persists for two to three weeks,

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slowly, but remitted for the first week, the exacerbation being preceded by

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herniated portions of intestine reduced, and the hernial ring sutured

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Gov. Willson as a member of the State Library Commission.

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with distended nostrils, and just ;i few hours after the estab-

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It rarely attacks aged cattle, but is readily transmissible to calves and

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water, after filtration, was determined by evaporating to dryness

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" Opium ! mysterous drug, whose potency is felt not only in the body,

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antabuse is a chemical treatment of alcoholism that

The epilepsia laryngea is the most formidable form of the disease,

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Symptoms. The disease is accompanied by lachrymation, signs

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ing. The average diameter of a vein is to that of its accompanying art-

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and placing five fingers upon the altar, should then raise his hand and place

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cipally for neurologists and psyehotherapeutists but for the

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be excluded. The 'majority of our failures have been in patients

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In the cow, either two lateral quarters or the entire udder must

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increased before, until there was but a small portion left. The fetor was

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carry its head in an extended or otherwise unnatural condition. In some

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of coughing, which increase the discharge, and may threaten to end in

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Treatment. It may be said of pneumo-thorax that no treatment

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meet the competition of rival schools. After continuing the lectures a week

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