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myself to call in question the accuracy of opinions expressed by gentle-

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evil arises out of a want of attention to what might appear to most per-

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thirst of a larger quantity. So important do I consider this point, that I

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The danger of the development of cancer from calloused

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Symptoms. Sometimes this form of mange attacks the limbs and

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up two flights of stairs before she could get to the place where the pa-

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1857. and was translated into six languages. Again revised

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non-contageous fevers, as Remittents, and Intermittents depend upon a

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disease. Naturally these are only the ultimate lesions of muscular

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finally causing them to be shed, leaving bare patches the size of a

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receded, is, perhaps, worthy of record. A gentleman who labored

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done. He seized one of the larger calculi, carefully laid it aside, and

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In a case where this disease exists, it is obvious that the patient

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noticing the fact that dilation by tents has gone into almost

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found in pus and mucus. After twenty-two hours, granules previously

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tonics, stimulants, supportants, and depurents. The powers of life must

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nection with the correctness or incorrectness of the answers ; in short, that

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jugular furrow. The method of employing the fingers

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agent is generated and regenerated — the same, for the effects of its

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that and the succeeding year Moussu also saw numerous cases in the

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a small pillow between the shoulder blades. At least once a day

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cause, if such exists (osseous cachexia, pasteurellosis, gestation, etc.).

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ing calculus. One remark may, however, be made, viz., that in the

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Finally, the Buffalo Journal says that our institution is doomed, be-

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Pathology and Experimental Medicine in the College of

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resorted to which the requirements of the case may seem to

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Our quondam associate, Dr. Fenner, will, in due time, give us a full

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omitting the morphine, however, in the second dose, if the first was re-


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