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through the nostrils to a very limited extent; but the condition of the
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be confidently predicted, because complications may arise at any moment ;
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tumor ; and notwithstanding anti-flogistic treatment, the most absolute,
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Despite the natural activity of the spores, which are capable of
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this the creasote and water are readilv introduced. The size of the tubes
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and decoctions of pellitory, dogs' grass, etc., may be given. If thought
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month or more, as at first. The regeneration of the superior fibres be-
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was, that a purulent fluid had existed underneath the envelope of the
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planations of ptosis, investigators during the past few years have
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Should it be determined on, the animal must be placed on its
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disea-e were cropping out with great rapidity and in a number of
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Sec. 1. The affairs of life, th rsuit of health, and the various accidents
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surgeon will not only find nothing that his art can relieve, hut
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be authority to enforce a quarantine on infected localities. Pas-
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and no callus forms, even when the ends of the bones are immobilised
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required necessarily complicate the treatment. It would be valuable to
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Ward G nurses, and in a nurse in the general operating room,
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otber cj^sts, upon being cut into, were found without parasites and in a
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stricken repeatedly between the shoulders and on the sternum; but these
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near the ends of the teats and in the peri-acinous spaces.
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bowels feels- intolerably hot, as though excoriated ; and it seems as if
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unanswerable argument in favor of a thing, if nobody can find out what
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