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can be learned only by experience; and in the doses and timing of medi-

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and a half feet long, and as large around as a common sized man — Drs.

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has been generated in some external source. 2. Those which occasion

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in the ox, apart from pneumonia due to foreign bodies, should be

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the respiratory processes. The lung was crippled by inflamma-

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his careful attention, and be his constant companions, for deep thought

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be seen implanted in the tongue, and if the disease has existed for a

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and a half deep, and about fifteen feet square, and was supplied by a

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th. The predominance of sacs on the right side, is owing to the

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hickory nut, and a much smaller one on the occipital protuberance. A

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Surgical Pathology. Delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons

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Its centre is pierced by a transverse opening intended to surround

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being displaced backwards and carried above the cotyloid cavity. This

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usually in the direction of the heart. Under conditions which cannot

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disorganized cellular membrane, seemed to float, and when openings

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Dr. J. W. Irwin, of Louisville, left for a six weeks' stay

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Actinomycosis is very common in America, and is also met with

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The patients are subject to intense dyspnoea, appear about to suffo-

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are: President, A. E. Stephents, St. Louis, Mo.; First Vice

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our answer 1 And in what class of cases is certainty of diagnos a

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gressively increase in thickness. From this point it is solid ; in a

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thoughts that stand on the page before him. If called to speak in pub-

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The quantity of exuded liquid varies greatly ; sometimes there is a

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Prince and Power of the elements in these latitudes seldom fails to have

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Some authorities are claiming that the first born inherit direct

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This is a small work, intended as a hand-book for students and young prac-

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