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Next appears a nodule of hardened tissue above the teat. This

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It should be the duty of every physician to see his legis-

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Dr. E. E. Hume, of Frankfort, died at his home July 5, of

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moist, rainy years, and amongst animals pastured on swampy ground

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avoided by noting the absence of pleural effusion, and of the soft

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such a way that convalescence at once begins, as a rule, and the animal

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on partial skin grafts 48 hours after grafting, there is rapid

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The Hernia, which was of some years standing, he had always been

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The escaping liquid carries with it the parasites, and recovery is

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trials and efforts there, his graduation, and State examinations,

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pseudo-rheumatism, secondary rheumatism, or infectious rheumatism

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arthritis appear, in consequence of progressive invasion of the parts by

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necessitate recourse to refrio-eratino- lotions and lowerino- treatment, it

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usually sacculated, being covered, either with peritonoeum or pleura, or

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Houg (Milwaukee Medical Journal, February, 1911), accepts

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fort. The records show that it is only recognized as a rule

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so gravely affected ; many die before this stage, and the others are

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flocculent, pus-like odourless fluid which escapes from the vagina

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is a peculiarity ofth cold compress treatmenl thai crisis rarelj

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removed, injury to vessels, which w^ould favour septicaemic infection, being

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the greatness of our profession has entitled us. These acts of ours have

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a series of catheters of gradually increasing size. What, however, is

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are the usual onset to the disease, and are followed by a paralysis which

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sions, trismus, coma and death characterise extremely acute cases.

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profuse diarrhoea, diarrhoea of calves, and dysentery in newly-born


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