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ing and recollection, three days before he came to the hospital. When

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slowly and assume a chronic form, lesions of pyo-nephrosis gradually

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some days afterwards, there was feverishness, attended with bilious vom-

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bundles. Each (asexual) parasite plays the part of a foreign body,

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ether, to surgical shock, observations have been made in

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and amount of morbid anatomy, presented on examination of the cadaver.

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open, hanging tongue, stringy salivation, and constipation or diarrhoea.

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results of the same methods in different hands have been distractingly

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pital of glanders, and the nurse who attended, took the disease from him

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placed before the community, will create confidence and intelligence —

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( used some years since for breathing medicated vapors in the treatment

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might most easily observe and study them have often neither the means

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administered for long periods ; but such ulceration always occurs at the

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affirm, in the most positive manner, that veratrum v'tride entirely fulfils

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patient edges aw^ay, and tries to avoid the application of the plexi-

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demonstration of the powers of the agent over a disease of acknowledged

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which the stomach seemed to be dr axon together or strongly compressed^


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