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tended in person, and the time of its occurrence carefully

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Z.S.A., Birmingham, — The founder of the Society of Apothecaries was

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Academy of Medicine. It has long been a matter of unfavorable com-

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to tit the countersunk hole in the plate, and a short stem is left

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These differ from each other in their modus operandi, but

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so easily treated. Its powers of repair are very great ;

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]iosi)ital, where it was amputated above the middle of the

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^Am«^. Jour. Mtd. Sci., 1916, cli, 184. In this article Peabody gives a splendid

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variations of a degree or a degree and a half. With the high tem-

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use of all these means you fail in establishing the

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adding more than one-half of one per cent, to the mortality, which in Alexander's

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as to give rise to no symptoms of pain or discomfort, and we may

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by all depressing influences, among which may be mentioned excessive

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Having a Pathological or Clinical Bearing. . . . 294

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injections of from one per cent, to five per cent, solutions oi

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situated are affected. The disused muscles are atrophied. The atrophy is

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The vomiting and purging were less violent and frequent than had been

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had for about a week before death obstinate stercoraceous vomiting. Around

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apparatus, as I have never seen it used but once. I am not in favor

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Lastly, the bed-gown should be of flannel, and by means of suitable

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and sixty-three days. Cholera always follows the routes of

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than the cold-cured goods, but in time it was surpassed by the cheese

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No such precise information is available with regard to the emigrant

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showed intracellular diplococci. Gram negative, and blood cultures the

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in 28 patients ; in 5 he had positive results, but only when the examination

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and exactness, all geologists agree that the heat rapidly increases as

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of Christianity." From the little we have been able to read, we are

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