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marrow suppression due to methotrexate (H Groenendal
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as are produced by the application of a heated hammer or the prolonged
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Prepare a fluidextract by Type Process A, using alcohol as the
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nephropathy in rabbits, caused a significant increase
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digestion has never been followed out. On the other hand,
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two ounces. The heart at its superior extremity was slightly inflamed ;
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is of turberculous nature. — Journal de Medecine et de Chi-
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rapidly from the tube. The mouth was then washed out and
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scesses. He has been much interested in the bacterio-
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surgery to designate modern herniotomy by the name of a
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"1. As a rule, yellow crusts are not found in ring- worm in horned cattle. I
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very much enlarged right hepaticus, the course of which
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phique do la France; decrois-sance de la population de cer-
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method depending on the amount of light reflected by a turbid liquid
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result, but it appears to increase the red cells. Phosphorus is
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account of the internal police of the French medical schools,
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day, not to shock the patient 's sensibilities, would put unpleasant
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from that on the mucous membrane of the mouth and stomach, is the
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books, combined with the absence of positive knowledge of the true
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Since publishing his classical work on Radium Therapie in
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the second time, a circumstance which, it is stated, has not
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of the mother, which in the case detailed increased with each succeeding preg-
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and other forms of myxoedema is so well known that it need not
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culated curves begins at a lower pH than the drop for the curves of
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isting hospitals and sanatoria are probably insuffi-
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derly persons in need of continual assistance with activities
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this condition. Sensory symptoms are usually slight and unimportant.
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one of our most efficient means of soothing gastric irri-
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cavity of the abdomen after transfixing the diaphragm, which,
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on the clearness with which he tabulated them. Towards the end of his paper
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acid. Larger quantities may be met with in various diseases, and,
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have particular candidates you would like considered.
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gooil health, but latterly had had several very severe
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quinia (grs. xv — 3j) with morphia (gr. 1 — |). Small doses frequently
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question which has been answered in the affirmative by some recent
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Bone changes, trophic value of, in the diagnosis of leprosy. A. B. Herrick
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inches of the internal jugular vein were excised on the right side.
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small domestic animals, the results of which are as im-
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to about twice its normal size, and its walls were hypertrophied, measur-
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phie suite de fifevre typhoide. Arch, de med. et pharm.
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New York tTnlverslty vs. Loomls Laboratory. — Judge
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onset of the disease; he had always lived in the United Stales, and he
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white hairs protruded. The comedos, when pressed out,
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