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some hypertrophy of the smooth muscle fibers of the skin. There were
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very painful; and after he recovered, although- the pads of the two fingers
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jaw and in the anterior triangle. As a rule, the nodes are painful or tender,
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of long drives or special service he should make his arrangements with the
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If we understood the pathology of an urticarial wheal we might discuss
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sill'slaiiees syiilliesi/nl is iiisnliilile or e;m in sonie other way I.e re \.
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literation point, these sounds will be found to 1 me first audible as mmh
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and gave infinitely less pain to the patient than he
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or subacute exacerbation of the nephritis, i. e., we have a chronic nephritis
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Dulging of the forehead. The result is a huge, misshapen head. Soon,
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,|i.,.,,s,.. Till iitralat,.ral vasuiiu.t.u. i...a.-ti..n t.. .-..1.1 is als,. 1....-U-
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Congenital contracted kidney has been reported by Weigert and by
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or iiKJilTerence towards it. .\ccoiii|)aiiyinLr these sensations of hiiiiu' '
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litis, and such cerebral symptoms as dizziness, tinnitus, disturbances of
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tint.' time of one specimen of hlood receixed from an incision of li
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many persons, healthy enough in other respects, are constantly worried
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liv iiliiis|)lMiiic; fiiiil iiri/iniic ni ills, rcpri'scnlcd liy luetic; iiMd riilnlih
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' nil is brought back a-rain into the proximal i)ositiiin. the ititation
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Nitrogenous Constituents. Tlic u'lmi. r ihiiiiIm'i' of t|i,> niirniiic s.ilu
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basement membrane. The tubules may form lobules separated by con-
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Diagnosis. — No diflSculty should be experienced in recognizing this condi-
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I ^ t' 111 .lit tiloi k |<ti'>liti-t'>l li> .i|i|il>iiiK it.itu|i al uv jLiritlioii. Till ihitiip w.i^ (luliti in il
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disease, etc., is reserved for "idiopathic cases," 'without (as yet) demon-
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rise of temperature, and the general nutrition is well preserved, while the
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Inne, licsiilcs pioxiiline for the alisorplion of CO,, is trreath to prolon'.'
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readily be mapped out beneath the skin, and when they have not attained
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a more marked response and more active resistance to the infective agent
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be possible to get back function in a wonderful way. The possibility of aid
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rately speaking, the female sexual organs — is enormous, but by no means


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