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others. Tr. opii. gtt. 100. Calls for liquor, and will not be pacified
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Dr. Morton Smith, Presidenl of the Arkansas Medical So-
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Hartenstein has suggested continuous cooling of the cranium by
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ment depending upon the amount of improvement resulting. Some-
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difficult. Did not see her till the fourth day : she had been bled, and
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(1.) In scrupulous disinfection of the byres when the first case of
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which, moreover, appears to differ from it in essential particulars.
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operations without loss of life, taking the desperate with the
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in the true spirit of quackery, promises, unhesitatingly, a prompt and
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Case of Extensive Osteo- Sarcoma. Read before the Stark County
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of young fibres, and being very difficult of recognition, owing to their
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through the Pacchionian bodies, and so into the sinuses and
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fascias, the peritoneum, the pleura, the cerebral and rachidian meninges,
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The disease attacks the most tender portions of the skin, such as
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would now have been the property of the State Society.*
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creasing in the third stage until the patient is only able to articulate in a
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side of the anus. To facilitate reduction it is best to check the
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rumen, and recovery follows ; but when distension is extreme eructation
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Funds were guaranteed for the payment of any premiums the Associa-
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appear to effect a real improvement. Unfortunately, however, the
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