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hands with other persons. He should use separate towels and sleep

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especially to banks established in the large cities they are

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The buyer of commercial bills should know the market

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Concerning a person s authority to indorse some questions

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by furnishing drafts to their customers or by their use of

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not quite the same. A discounted note is one presented

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and we will now proceed to explain how this is done.

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He cannot give as a private individual his donation

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ally extravagant in the matter of house accommodation and who

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dren and many grandchildren. She was taken to the near

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pressing with such constantly increasing severity on householders

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charge on the owners. It would appear reasonable that some

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of the French Money Market. These institutions take foreign bills into

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Concussion. By concussion is meant a shocking or jarring of the

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ment to the Arctic National Bank of New York for exam

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chiefly require to know. For this sets or suggests a

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injustice affects the occupiers and owners of the whole of a town

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sooner or later every organ in the body may become affected.

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never intend to draw out all their deposits unless under

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With regard to the probable effect this importation of

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for interest and revenue stamp at the various rates.

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bank and the signature of one of its officers are redeemed

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camp may contain is limited only by its facilities for affording the

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If his note has been indorsed or guaranteed the bank

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In urban districts the rates levied for sanitary and general

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lecting notes for its customers or others and receiving

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is easily done by putting an amount in his own name an

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national bank act it has been decided that he can not be

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them. A town too small to establish or support a national

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of the college originated and what conditions were attached

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On this point the decisions of the courts are conflicting.

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out by Sir Hugh Owen in but although his view passed

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That the notary is also an employee and agent of the bank

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enter the cost at an estimated or appraised value but there

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that the capital stock is to be a certain amount and that

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One sixth on call one sixth within three months one

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tions. Many shareholders attend and often ask numerous

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awaken suspicion of the fidelity of the president and cashier ordinary atten

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The effect of this law is to diminish the number of doubt

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under the authority of Charters and local Acts but no record of

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land and Ireland were first published in that organ

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made regularly and promptly the amount of appropriation


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