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well- ventilated room, with warm cover, adapted, however, to the temper-

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ness on percussion gone." Again, on the 20th of September, and for

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Delafond estimated that psoroptic mange formerly attacked one

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site blearing. Conceiving that all precautions which I could take, en-

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cases is to see that the urethral passage is free. EngHsh veterinary

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Dr. Si!"\ corroborated Mr. Richardson's observations, having witnessed

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are so different in the two cases that they need not be further

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served until failing health caused him to resign at the close of

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sumption is hardly fair, and will lead to error in doubtful cases.

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The specific organism of takosis appears in fresh bouillon cultures as

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external surface, the occurrence of haemorrhage in internal parts, the

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should be discontinued or given in smaller quantities. The proportion

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While the large crocodile was being secured and made fast to the table,

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old ewe with a lamb at its side. The ewe was observed eating large

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times been a desideratum, I read with eagerness an article on Thecal

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He that at this day invents a new quack system of practice, is a scoun-

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but in well-nourished patients its effect on fever and on the accom-

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usually render the pulse quicker and fuller. Whenever the pulse sinks

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colon without flowing through a tube. The point is also made

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the surrounding tissues. The bottom cleans off; the gray, lardaceous,

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Percussion reveals greatly increased resonance on the side of the

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far as he can judge! Strange to say, notwithstanding this excessive ir-

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characters, according to the nature of the primary cause, for which

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depending on the degree of fatness or thinness of the subjects. The

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their structure, he foresees are likely to happen, and the signs of those

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interrupted sutures passed through the skin. The animal is then

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Then that so-called religious sect, any member of which

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ulcerations, which bleed if very lightly touched. These ulcerations are


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