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but his voice is choked by sorrow, and we hear sighs only — suspira de

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Red Milk. — Milk which becomes red some hours after withdrawal, or

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treated with alterative doses of calomel and Dover's powder — had taken

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tated on placing the fluid in a tall glass, and can be detected, together

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all the changes the disease is producing in important organs must be

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coccidia developing in the epithelium of the vesical mucous membrane.

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At the regular semi-monthly meeting of the Detroit Medical Society, held on

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for several days. The remedies prescribed were entirely approved of

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painful, and as it did so, the cough and irritation of the lung gradually

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the handsomely bound volumes for parlor tables, discoursing on Hydro-

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folds of the abomasum ; 4, 5, and 6, old-standing ulcers with sclerosis of the walls

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thing; and causes the second fact, that it has never yet been proved

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that for chronic appendicitis, for simple ovarian tumor, for

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One finds phrenitis or meningitis pretty uniform, and " exhibits" a

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great tenderness over the stomach and liver — violent pain in the limbs

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each cavity varies within wide Kmits. The liquid ma}^ even resemble

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becomes contaminated. The infective agent, finding an excellent culture

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This legislation is harmful, first, because the optician is

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damage, but the practice tends nowadays to disappear. It simply

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to be so great as to make it of necessity better than tiie anterior.

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throat. The mucous surface of the bladder, urethra and kidneys is

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Inspection affords information of a varying character, according to

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