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cervical region, but more especially to obstructions in

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tions. He had been bled, but absolutely no medicines were" taken, with

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their particular characteristics, are rendered visible.

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the contrary, the contractions are temporary only and of no import-

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the loins, passage of pink urine, loss of appetite, and fever. At a later

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submucous effusions of blood, vaginitis with the formation of false

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* Rhododendron maximum. — The great laurel (rosebay ; moun-

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Do not have it too heavy, a- we wish these children to gel about

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direction where the tumor seems most inclined to separate

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of the skin. It is at least certain that warts can be transmitted by

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The respiration sometimes appears accelerated and difficult, but roaring

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The lesions are ill-recognised. The animals die rapidly, and if not

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the true skin is implicated, and the subjacent layer of areolar tissue, the

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cysts alone — i.e., by semi-transparent bladders,

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If, however, the deposit is in the form of small calculi, these are

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Lesions. " The blood is black and incoagulable or clots loosely, rigor


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