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such returns of the symptoms are exceedingly rare. When by these
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value. These are confined to rendering it impossible for animals to ingest
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nurses must be faithful and sensible, and must have the most definite
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more or less rapidity in different cases. Soon after they commence
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hydro-nephrosis obtains, which results in atrophic lesions of the kidney,
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or merely checked ; when the value of veratrum viride in pneumonia
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of this State. The geographical distribution of this class of animals,
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and pain in the head or vertego. In most cases, as this period passed
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matous disease. It had not only invaded these parts, but had involved
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more than one-fourth their former average, throughout civilized Europe
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glands — especially those of the colon — were enormous, gorged with blood,
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On regaining her general strength, however, her voice was at times
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doses. He give 5 drachms in one dose, and repeats it for the next two,
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conformity with the present state of our knowledge of general physio-
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The usefulness of the barometer consists in this. The centrifugal force of
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September 30), who suggests that a rational therapeutic test in
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eradicators. There is always some injury to the wool resulting from the
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