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which we shall never learn the truth or falsity till we pass to that bourne

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tion is a common symptom in many diseases, some of which are purely

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(elaborated by the microbe), which have a selective affinity for the

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examined. On passing a carefully lubricated hand into the vagina the

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or individually : the Malpighian corpuscles, the convoluted tubules, the

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believed to result from the bursting of bubbles in the contents of the

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is that in which the inflammatory lesions occur upon the surface and in the

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slowly and assume a chronic form, lesions of pyo-nephrosis gradually

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vasti muscles, insertions of the biceps, fascia, ligaments, adipose tissue, and

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chance, some precautions may be taken. It is especially necessary to

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1852, deprecates the use of lead pipe for the conveyance of water,

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quick and feeble; number of respirations 63 per minute; skin hot and

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pressure, and painful when forcibly extended or flexed from side to

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that the long-continued parturient efforts were a wise provision of Na-

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attempts at passive motion." It is now known that this state-

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blush on the skin, which is more particularly noticeable on those

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has also been attributed to the presence of nitre (potassium nitrate) in


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