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numerous adhesions, operation may still be attempted. In that case

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the growing stalks. It is supposed that in very rich soil this substance

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of Sugar in the Animal Economy," its prize for experimental physiology,

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touch, sensibility to cold and heat, but that there is originated

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never, as yet, been contradicted. Numerous experiments have demon-

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temperature rises to 105° Fahr. (40'5° C), diminishing later until death

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pleural cavity (usually the right, in consequence of the situation of the

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able developments or astute reasoning; butasspecial pathology has become

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exclusive reside! ice of the mind. The latter is supposed to give its com-

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2nd. — There was a small semilunar portion only of the diaphragm near

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intrinsic. Of these one or both may be in active operation. It is an erro-

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of, certainl} not the ordinary case of retained placental residue,

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follow from a few cases in which cessation of rheumatism in a limb is followed

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blow on the skin surface has been known t" he followed by the

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stake. Now we haven't the slightest idea what the operation upon the female

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gid (coenurosis) only attacks young animals, whilst the larvae of oestridse

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Translated and edited by George Fleming, C. B., L.L.

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Government and regulated by State authority. By the medical faculty

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and man every health movement. It cannot afford to have these


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