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the accompanying symptoms is sufficient to avoid confusion with the
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the vessels of one or several glandular lobules becoming obliterated
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the de omposition of animal and vegetable matters in quantities, will
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by the anterior and inferior surface of the neck. Although thus seem-
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The seat of operation should be washed, shaved, and disinfected.
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myself understood than to change the views of others, I will detain the
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amputation of the tail. A large number of animals belonging to one
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my of Medicine, in which he gives as the result of his observations, that
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otherwise specified, consists of a pint of milk, two ounces of brandy,
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section be somewhat thick. Whether the colourless portion represents a
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hernia (Fig. 223) appears to develop slowly, and it is only by degrees
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Fig. 154. — Portion of a grass stalk with three encapsuled
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lysol or creolin should be avoided, partly because of their toxic
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being complete, the gland is thrust towards the upper part of the
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become turbid, the sclerotic and cornea are injected, and finally
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The abdominal wound must afterwards be carefully sutured. This
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exist, for light will assume the place of darkness, upon which all their
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the character of the respiration improves and the cyanosis
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plained by the fact that the milkers are careless as to cleanliness, and
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been scarce and among flocks in bad bodily condition. The force of
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and which it will do if we are true to ourselves, — and if we evince a


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