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These may be given with food or drink to whatever amount is con-

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deposit with renewed narrowing of the stream. When the pressure has

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less than an ounce, and proceeded from the first or superficial incision. It

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accordance with the signs shown by simple external inspection.

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horse, appear over the mammae. At this stage the animals move with

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should not fall below 4,000 kilograms to the hectare. Cantiget and

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Eegarding the infectious character of louping-ill, the following is very

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ignorance of his duties, his failure involves the loss of health, and frequently

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few precautions will obviate very much the danger of the disease.

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Directions for its performance will be found in MoUer and Dollar's

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Prognosis. The prognosis is extremely grave ; the disease usually

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Not only is there toxcemia or blood poisoning, but that it is primarily

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the Micrococcus Freudenreichii, and the Bacterium Hessii. These micro-

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It might a priori be believed that in an animal of the latter class

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was then reduced to four drops, at intervals of three hours. The next

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the body has been already buried, and is to be exhumed, the examina-


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