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to think because they are immodest, etc. The most important is
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while it is not at all improbable that an entirely new infection has
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tion of typhoid epidemics, the location of all casese and all sus-
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ing as the result of post partum infection. Thi was
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to modifications in the secretion of the abomasum (dyspepsia), the
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the study of law. For some time I remained weak, and, to complete
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render the animal useful for working or show purposes.
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evidences of arachnoid irritation and effusion than in 1827. Nurses con-
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In pieces cut out of a web which had been dried, the bundle of ves-
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spasmodic as the disease progresses. If the flock be driven about much,
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to the organs affected, though the method of development is always
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these by means of a wooden cage controlled by machinery, which is ope-
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In other cases where suppurative hepatitis or splenitis, or even
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those remarkable facts he has heretofore reported in his" Contributions to
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As members of the medical profession and in the inv


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