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Diagnosis. The diagnosis is easy, inasmuch as the lameness almost

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the quarter, loins, shoulders, etc, a condition rarely found in any other

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to make a tentative diagnosis, and reserve the final opinion until

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that plan of treatment which he had seen most recently or most enthu-

naltrexone after suboxone

of broncho -pneumonia of young animals is by far the most frequent.

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The diagnosis is very simple. The course of the disease and its

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sclerotic, the epithelial tissue is not fully restored, and chronic

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Treatment is difficult, and of the numerous methods suggested

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Dr. C. W. Suckling and Mr. Win. Billington, of Birmingham,

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a referred one from the disea,sed uterus and adnexa.

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As the subject of typhoid fever has been much discussed of late at the

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THE BULLEI in OE i HE LOS A tfGELES (.'" ; n , i Medk \i Associ \-

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with the members of the Resident Staff of the Hospital. The

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describes. He recommends its use in cases where there has

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they must either be re-applied, or the regions of the stomach and bowels

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gatives provokes peristalsis, and, as a consequence, almost inevitably

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oxen, and even of bulls ; often slaughter is preferable to treatment.

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grade scale, for the determinations of the per cent, humidity from obser-


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