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simple mesentery (Fig. 3). The diverticulum which subsequently
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by the destructive process and the chyle poured out into the affected
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and all other concomitants are supplied, but in a tem-
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serious hindrance in the way of obtaining a union of the
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man, set. 22, who was admitted with a poisoned wound of the
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complete four years' course of medicine in twenty-eight months, con-
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alike of bacteria and the greater part of the toxic
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puscle, which can entrap in its extending arms, and incorporate with itself, not
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tube into the heart of the tumor. Finally, action of X-rays on
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further, a solution of tliis poison was injected into the bladder of a dog, and
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may not proceed beyond this point ; but in most cases hallucinations
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. „ 7i • , 1 ^^ *o® ^^^ depth of wall kept in their
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allow, to select those articles of food that are the most nourishing,
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these several parts varies in different cases ; if considerable or great, it
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and the thing closed with a very thick scar, except
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accompanied with flushing of the cheeks. Mercurius is, also, a most
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enable nature herself to right the evil. It administers no drugs ; it uses no
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chial or pneumonic inflammation of acute or chronic character.
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the errors in the position of the passengers. Also that we lose a
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position of the swelling, as in mumps the little hollow betw^een the mastoid
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vertical columns. Time was saved by having a duplicate set of punched
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end (Nikolski) ; respiration is accelerated, and saliva and
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she is unable to perform ; and she can execute all the movements of the small


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