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glands and the parathyroids, and identified these bodies with the "epithelial

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,,.• snliiliniis 111' suit li,'i\ ill'/ an iiMiiiilir |iirssii?i' ciiual In tli;it nf tin'

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the long axis of the body; the skull, spine, and long bones of the legs. The

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be omitted every other day, or every third or fourth day, according to the

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l.'il. Di^Tslivc |.i.H,T of thf .jiii.-.'. as nicasinr.l l.y tlu' lonmli of llii> pi-otdiii

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nuiiins its olil level, iilll U'li iniw if ;i Miiiillcr ilose iif alUiili is '.'iveii,

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and demand three years inmiunity from a single attack, and are probably

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may lie 1::! or 1:4. The eonditi.ni iiiiist th.'icf.ire iml lie confused with

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nucleus for a calculus, and that nephrolithiasis occasionally accompanies

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seems with a diminished excretion of phosphoric acid and an mcreased

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this class of cases that the most severe forms of pyelitis are found.

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be those of a diffuse er3rthema, with exudation. The skin lesions are too

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mineral oil w mereury has heen i)erfused under press\ire (Sollmaini ).

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urinary calcium. They point out that the metabolism suggests metabolic

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-cond heat is diminished in size, the pulse is ternu'd iiiihiis altcnians.

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the phenomenon. Can we diseover the processes hy which the kidrir^

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dark brown or brownish black, rough, ribbed longitudinally, and where

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ulaiiil itlii> cliiii'ija t\iii|iaiiii in Ilii' ijiii.'. it has liii'ii I'iiiiih! that, whi'ii;!

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iiiiTclatod with cDiitractioii of the fiii|)ty sldiiiacli, and llii- latter bciiiK

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form, as it is too often progressive despite all treatment. Every effort should

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