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culosis. The diagnosis as regards fungi can only be assured by preparing
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we know only too well how often the surgeon is wrong — how
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chronic inflammation of the pia mater and of the lumbo- sacral portion of
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stei3 may consist in evacuation of the liquid for the purpose of reducing
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use no degenerative changes take place in the system so far as
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results of careful experiment, will be given to the public.
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It would be impossible from these peculiarities alone to identify
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in the cervical region. The jugular furrow (usually on the left side)
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[We call attention to the following circular, and we trust that all who are
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The mangers, racks, drinking pails, and various stable utensils
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cation of water than I'r in injudicious administration of ol
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After the application of a drop of vinum opii to the web, the veins
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pyelo-nephritis by ascending infection. The most common seem to
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Resolved — That the proceedings be sent to the Editor of the Peninsular
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sold for feeding, represents the principal source of this form of
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The wall of the ox's claw is so thin that shoeing is always somewhat
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All languages swarm with proverbs concerning the man
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these advocates for unbridled liber . a making their appeals to com-
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March 30, for the purpose of organizing a State Medical Association. • H. Taylor,
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spirits to place weight upon it. It is clear that if weight is actually
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deglutition, gurgling sounds (glou-giou), and a sound resembling falling
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The elevating influence of such associations on the profession is direct and
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compressed and thrust in turn through the meatus and urethra. The
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skin from the periphery of the patch, place it on a slide with a drop
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ports on the class of cases which have during the past three years
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median line ; to have the cutting edge of the knife always turned upwards ;
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In the healthy ox there exists an area of the left thoracic wall which
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