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treatment. If the disease is neglected it may become complicated with

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The "seminal vescicles," being situated in regard to the male organs

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far at least as relates to the Essential Fevers, is the object of this Essay :

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coming in aid of the heart's action, which causes the acceleration. Some-

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talnly miaunderatand them. Generally, I iwnright fact

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without any hemorrhage. After this, cicatrization made rapid progress,

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largely used in Germany, while the second was employed in

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this infection are not thoroughly understood. Possibly some of the

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parts appear tumefied, pale and semi-transparent, the evident result of a

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which has ever been regarded, even amid the most trying financial embarrass-

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(4.) The chief symptoms were loss of appetite, fever, stiffness,

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dies. At the end of that period I came to New York, and went volun-

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presentation of the treatment cannot be made. As the best means, how-

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person, and winch is compared to propping up with a stake, but it is our belief

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been restricted, as occurs during years of bad harvests, and animals are

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parenchyma of the hver caused by the common Uver fluke (Fasciola hepatica).

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instruments described are perfect, but practically they

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Lund's truss, shown in the ihustration (Fig. 325), is perhaps the

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against quackery. Our present mode of fighting consists of single com-

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The animals should be prepared for some days by diminishing their

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But most frequently this stage of serous exudation is only temporary,

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waiver of privilege, the award of damages and etc., of extreme

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ment. Only preventive measures are of (After Ostertag.)

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the convulsions, would have upon the nervous system ; and how far the


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