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inflammation of the eye, \z : — 1st. Chorio-mtis, with exclusion of the
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any disputed question of suicide or murder in relation to the de«**J
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the general condition of the patient was very good. After two
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head more tension is brought to bear on the structures anterior in
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^ Preble, American Journal of the Medical Sciences, November, 1904, has collected
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as widely as organic disease of the brain, mental excitement, the mechanical
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"A second table relates to penetrating wounds of the abdomen. It includes
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robust. Six weeks ago he commenced to complain of a
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tive bacillus and the similar epidemics of the past were
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sonally had never noticed any heart or head symptoms in his
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suggested children of undoubted neuropathic tendencies may
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woman who wishes to obtain friction of her genitals on
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