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ion first; and when there are several consulting, they should deliver their opin-
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its doors, and wait for the further development of the resources of that fund
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the sensations experienced will, therefore, be much less clearly defined
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coccosis of the liver. The membrane of the vesicles usually resists the
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rdinary diel do nol show glycosuria. Thai this is nol
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tissues from its corroding influence. This is undeniably true. But, on
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Later, as a result of auto-infection, diarrhoea sets in ; under the
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ence of ulcerations or of vegetations can be observed.
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have taken much care to study the cause, and it has been found that a
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fifty-five per cent, of mortality being the general fact) would seem at first
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by coagulated casein, or from atresia due to contraction of inflamed
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joint synovia. An inflammatory lesion in the shaft of a long bone
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foreign body (obstruction) or by spasm of the mus- termediate celMo^
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much more difficult, for the least movement of the patient changes the
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By successive attempts at introducing chemical substances to
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adopted the Code of Ethics of the National Convention. As this Code is not
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surface of the skin, and demodectes {sing, demodex), which penetrate
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the head settles into its position upon the dorsum of the ilium, the direc-
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sures, that the reptile was not only alive, but had its sight, hearing, intel-
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only occupy thirty-seven and a half cubic inches, or very little more than
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order appears, the eyes glare wildly, the animal seeks relief in motion —
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On the 20th of June, the Rev. Mr. Lane, residing near Talladega, Alabama,
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1 wish to make; but be the subject one of importance
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This occurs in young lambs and pigs where the mothers are given too
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and a sponge tent, covered with oiled silk, was introduced into the opening,


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