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the glandular tissue and the interstitial tissue. From the anatomical
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are found thus abnormally placed, so that they may sag suspended
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hygiene are being more freely and sensibly discussed an. I it
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tional Facts Relating to It, by Prof. A. Liautard, M.D.,
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M. Howard Fussell, M. D.; The Progress in the Tuberculosis
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In 1865 Yillemin showed that tuberculosis could be conveyed
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fer. By the great body, I mean such as reject all consideration of the
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an error, not to reduce the pulse as low as sixty in many cases. There
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wide, well-polished scalpel or razor, and hold the edge perpendicular to —
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proving and making discoveries in the healing art, and add. to them such mea-
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to judge size and position come by muscle sense, the effort it
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should be ample and should usually In' made transversely to avoid
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whether the nephritis be direct, that is to say, the result of the infecting
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not alarmed : tor, after all, I shall only glide over this ticklish sub-
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already depressed by verminous broncho-pneumonia and intestinal hel-
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metritis, because salpingitis develops as a complication of metritis
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The differential diagnosis is based on the position of these synovial
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in some region where the connective tissue is loose and pliable, as for
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without producing disquieting symptoms ; as summer approaches they
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Dr. Herbert 13ronner, of Louisville, was attacked in his
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given in minute division, triturated with some other sub- its
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with its Saps. A piece of thin flannel is cul to the same pat-
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precedes serous exudation, and which may persist for several days when


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