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existing, or of serous bursse which form at prominent points where the

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observations on the prevalence of diseases of various kinds; in short, to

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disease and restoring the parts to their normal condition.

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ment, and the clear water does not present any. When it is fed, its re-

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out unmistakably what the predisposing causes are. They are such as

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parasite is invariably the Trichophyton mentagrophytes, whatever may

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thus exposed is slightly depressed, and of a whitish colour, thus markedly

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addresses of all persons dying of tuberculosis within the period

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lactic and betaoxybutyric acids are not considered. Administra-

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whether the cessation of cases was directly due to the introduction

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was rather tense. The cervix was closed. Behind the uterus

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maleolus, the result of a wound of the artery. The external wound was

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— "Studies in Clinical Veterinary Medicine and Surgery."

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spirits ; but my conclusions were far different. It may be said that my

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us the specific treatment which the disease requires. This fact, I trust,

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the country sparsely populated. They are best aware how many young

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other writers of the metropolitan schools, the author's views respecting the

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Symptoms. The disease develops without marked fever or grave

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in a large class of outgrowing tissues. The hair, for example, in its con-

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talking of the early suspicion and the timely opportunity thai

disulfiram antabuse reviews cbc

nation for ascertaining the presence or absence of epithelial cylinders,

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probably in those localities near large bodies of water, some Mno^ification

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The questiom was then put on the passage of the resolutions, and they

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