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terations in the upper lobe, as well from its being the part of the lung
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location in different individuals." Put in the light
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teen per cent, of other forms of refraction, and in twenty-
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In Gartner's experiments infection of the foetus from this source did
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in type. Two were supratentorial and five were infratentorial. Of the
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neurotic tendency. She had for a considerable time been under
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unfit for duty at the front, and so on. Often, one of these
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that he carries operative measures to too great lengths,
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Anatomic Period, and scholars preferred to indulge in
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consisting of a middle, called "cystic" (Owen) or "suspen-
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.,.n/..la Ju'.-c'. Thr di-^-tion m pnnrin i- . niird
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Adult. — Dr. George Pepper read the following case of this: —
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2. — Taylor contributes an article on the treatment of
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ing been made ; I left directions to renew the ether on the
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combined waves is it possible to distinguish the a and c impulses with
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upon a wrong course altogether in attempting to carry out a measure
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from some focus of the organism which had not been discharged
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at'ker panuriuon^ and c^ vhkh we shall have more to say when we
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attacks of this nature at long intervals for several years.
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discharges had taken place, but within half an hour after admission she
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ied: group I (28 patients) had diagnostic EPS; group II
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breathing. I gave him I grain apomorphin hypodermically
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count of the spinal fluid was less than 100. A small
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mouth. Chronic throat inflammations and measles seem
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Meetings will be also held with Hilliary Clinton, Chair-
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suffocated him. He at once inhaled sulphuric ether and was thereby much
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also the necessity for an early operation. William S.. aet. ~'-\ years, real
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means weakness of the soul — weakness of the mental
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we possess, says that he has not met with any small kidneys which he re-
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Lectures on Ohetetrie Operations: the Tbrceps. By Eobebt
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The anterior or third opening, which is not shown in
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If Dr. Livingstone be correct in stating that sj-philis does
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Mrs. S., German, set. 30, was admitted to the hospital
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has become milder in the two cities mentioned, it shows


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