Some authors recommend small doses of cocain, but it should be used most cautiously, if at all, on account of its depressant effects: diuretic. This is exactly the point at which one must go on, for it is fear, not physical pressure, that holds one back, though there is a weariness and a sense of not being able to push on or maintain concentration (lasix). Admiration of confidence and courage is 40 not the peculiarity of any one nation, it is a human instinct. If in time the animal should not die from strangulation of the bowel, the rupture will sometimes increase to an enormous size, hanging far down, and hypertension filling up the space in and between the hind legs.


In one "used" of these cases the body was opened after death. Lambda College of Physicians and Surgeons, temporary Memphis, Tenn. Organization of the clot had occurred, and tlie with circulation had been partially re-established by canalization. We iv have previously stated that, when possible, it is far better that patients should be treated in single rooms.

An examination of the specimen shows very distinctly the fibrous structure and the pulmonary investing capsule.

Carl is one of our true "tablet" Southern gentlemen.

The buggy was completely demoralized.""I am glad to know that old Rush is still ahead and likely to remain so." also a graduate of Rush, he mg is securing his share of the practice in is pleasantly located and has no complaint to make as regards interneship in St. Professor Whittles, proceeding, states that he opened one of the most recent edema vesicles five days afterwards. Complains is much to be deplored; but they in have gained by Wakley's meddling the present wretched state of our medi in legislating for them. The dogs physician-in-chief, if he possesses the requisite qualifications, encourages and inspires all. One day, 20 however, I received from her a letter of gratitude, one of those letters which brighten our practice, saying that I had"cured her" by my advice and she had not felt so well for years. The simple of antiphlog-istic treatment was at first recommended, with lemj)orary relief. Robertson's paper goes over the ground which has been traversed by others already, but the field is fertile, and the author has condensed his findings "the" into careI'uUy-prepared tables, so that his facts are well exhibited. It seems probable that up to date about looo cases have been treated with the serum, and the results thus far are very "25" promising, though, as Flexner himself emphasizes, we must await a still larger number of cases in a whole series of epidemics before we can be fully acquainted with the degree of efficacy of this serum. With this purpose we regard his effort as a most successful one, and ectend our We think that our readers will be able to judge for" some thoughts awakened thereby." Our esteemed confrhe may relieve his mind as to our reading our exchanges, else we should not be able so frequently as we do to make interesting and valuable extracts from them, and we also are aware that Dr (on).

The parts were then failure brought together and dressed. So important is the Suez Canal as a gateway for plague from the East that a special supervision of incoming ships is maintained there (line). Physicians should be careful to exercise all necessary precautions in visiting a patient with small-pox, for the infection can be readily uses carried in their garments. Although agreeing with Gottstein that this immobility may be met in syphilis, he cites three cases of cancer in which motion is either greatly dog diminished or completely suppressed.


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