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empty it entirely of the substances that it contains, it con-

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Center staff in a paper disaster drill and orientation. This training exercise

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are ready for demonstration at the laboratory, the officers report for a

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fact that the capsule is bound to the kidney at this point by fibrous adhesions.

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Dr. P. Gingeot, of Paris. — ^In the first part of his paper Dr. Oingeot

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a. Cases with endocarditis affected with Bright's disease ... 1

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We are in receipt of the Medical Record Visiting List for 1905, find

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the trochanter major is a very important protuberance ; that it

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reclines it is much more comfortable. Rheaume uses one part

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that the normal number of leucocytes in infancy varies from

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Resolutions from the New London County Medical Meeting, praying

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having its extremities only attached to the Avail of the pouch.

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fibroid, were o^Derated upon before laboiir, a mis-

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to make his work more concise in treatment than most authors by

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those of Dr. Sanders, and they show besides that hsemorrhage more

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laxatio2i ; allowing the entire time of contraction and relaxation

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a cold bath as usual. After the bath he is suddenly seized with a

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ness in the leg, extending from the knee to the foot. Temperature of the limb

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tabulated. In three cases of aneurism ii^volving the ascending tho-

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afford no constant guide to the future. The state of the pupil seems

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careful examination with a probe, that there was no fracture of the

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The only portion of the body examined at the autopsy was

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Germany can take credit for the works of Morel and Griesinger.

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their action vroiihl come "ivhcu it was too late. An antliority

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of sodium chloride this amount is 58.37 gm., hence a

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not cease entirely with the extinction of the vascular circulation ; it

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suppose, with Dr. C'orradi, that the refinement of modern

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added. The index which was somewhat unsatisfactory in the first

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light and bilious vomiting. From the 27th to the 30th of May, the symptoms of an acute

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this idea, which is certainly rather hard to believe, it

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brown induration, hypostatic congestion and edema of

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Medical Science of Okayama.] Okayama. No. 109, 1899. S-^.

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fibula. Besides the articular surface for the talus, we have

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mass. The bowel was a very dark port wine color but not

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ment may restore the parts to a more healthy condition.

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regions beneath the diaphragm were the seat of neuralgias.

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enough so that the medal would rest over the heart and

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There is no doubt but that more dogs die here than in

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