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month breathing is accountable for many of the ailments of childhood.

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ties having an interest in the cripple in general to

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scope is to the physician so is the dark ground microscope

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recovered were freely exposed to the air for sometime before

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food materials during rapid breathing in the deep inspiration

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trations provided leave nothing more we think to be desired on that

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time of incubation appears to be considerably longer although

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Symmetrical Melasma In the case just detailed the change in colour was limited

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not be propagated in hot climates. Let the young and

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and over the epigastrium. This however is always a forlorn hope

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minutes much cause for alarm is removed and the line of

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nished by the production of immunity in animals. This immunity was

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correction of both eyes by means of glasses of different

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sillar tissues and may occur in any portion of the body

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tion. In two of these cases the results of the frac

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duced the operation of arterio venous anastomosis for angiosclerotic

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whereby all the advantages of acupressure might be applied not only in

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oculist who had found slight astigmatism but had considered it so

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to which the attention of the surgical student is early and

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was long and entirely free from knots. The placenta

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pleasure in a trim little yacht with its free motions

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The plant called Small Cleavers the Galium Tinctorium

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compelled however to rely upon the more or less defective memories

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per cent B. histolyticus in cases per cent B. aerofsetidus in

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offence of watering the cotton whilst in the case of mixing

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renders the gall bladder useless and there is constant

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to this as the most insistent perception of a circumambient


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